Booking Appointments

Booking Appointments

Click here to book online

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The best way to book an appointment is online

  • Book online either via our website here or through the ‘Hotdoc’ app on your mobile device
  • Full access 24/7 to all available appointments and all available general practitioners
  • Requires initial registration with ‘Hotdoc’
  • Please note that as of November 2020 we moved to ‘Hotdoc’ for online bookings and no longer use the ‘Healthsite’ portal – all existing patients will need to register with ‘Hotdoc’ to make bookings online
  • Alternatively bookings can be made via reception by calling 9820 1144


Arriving for an appointment that was booked online

  • There’s no need to wait at the reception desk to notify us of your arrival
  • Instead you can register your arrival through the ‘Hotdoc’ app as soon as you’re within 100 meters of the clinic
  • You will receive clear confirmation that your arrival registration was successful
  • Also the app will tell you where you are placed in the queue to see your GP


New Patients register their details online

  • Via the ‘Hotdoc’ app or here at the ‘appointments’ page on our website
  • Your information securely uploads directly to the clinic’s medical software
  • So there’s no need to fill out any paperwork upon arrival (and we won’t misspell anything!)


Consultations at South Yarra Medical are by appointment only

  • A typical appointment is allocated 15 minutes
  • Double appointments are available if you feel more time will be required, and are generally advised for situations such as Pap Smears, multi-country travel vaccinations, and Mental Health Care Plans
  • Our doctors always endeavor to run to time and appreciate that your time is valuable – so accordingly we avoid overbooking our GPs and schedule regular ‘catch-up’ time within sessions
  • Please understand that if there is a delay, it’s usually due to an unexpected complexity in preceding consultations
  • South Yarra Medical, Richmond Medical and Hawthorn Medical are all affiliated and your patient record is available to the medical team at all clinics
  • If an appointment is unavailable at South Yarra Medical, our reception staff are very happy to check for availability at Richmond Medical or Hawthorn Medical
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