Please do not enter the clinic if you have…

  • Respiratory symptoms (sore throat, runny nose or cough) or
  • Fever (temperature greater than 37.5 C)

The clinics are Covid Safe and ready for patients to access medical care

Our goal is to also minimize exposure risk to other patients and healthcare workers

We are unable to swab for Coronavirus at any of our clinics

If you require a Coronavirus swab, please click here for a list of available testing sites provided by DHHS

Further Coronavirus information is available by clicking the DHHS logo below…

Telehealth consultations are available to patients with fever or respiratory symptoms

  • These appointments are only able to be arranged by calling the clinic/ booking via our website.
  • At the approximate time of your scheduled appointment, you will be called by your GP.
  • If paperwork is generated from this phone consultation, it will be the patient’s responsibility to collect this paperwork from the clinic in person. We are unable to mail out paperwork at this time.
  • All other Telehealth consultations will be privately billed  with a typical gap of $51 (your card will be charged $90.10 and the Medicare rebate should be deposited into your bank account within a few days). You will need to provide your credit card details over the phone in order for us to bill you. If there is a follow on “in-person” consultation as a result of the initial Telehealth consultation, you will only be billed for the “in-person” consultation and not the Telehealth consultation.
  • Please note that Telehealth consultations will be unable to address multiple presenting complaints, nor address multiple family members.

Based on your the Telehealth consultation, your doctor will determine one of the following…

  1. You have a mild viral illness that does not require examination
  2. You have a severe illness than requires immediate referral to hospital
  3. You have described symptoms that warrants your GP conducting a physical respiratory examination (see below)

During your Telehealth consultation, your GP may deem it appropriate to arrange for an ‘in-person’ consultation, which enables a physical examination.

  • Your GP will schedule a time for this in-person consultation
  • It is important that the GP that conducts the initial phone consultation, is the same GP that conducts the in-person consultation
  • In-person consultations will be billed privately according to our normal schedule of fees
  • During ‘in-person’ consultations your GP will be wearing a mask and protective gear

Procedure for patients requiring a respiratory examination…

  • On arrival for your respiratory examination consultation, stay in your vehicle (or away from the clinic), and call reception to notify the clinic that You have arrived for your appointment. Then have your mobile ready.
  • Reception will take credit card details for the consultation fee (typically $136.75 of which you will later be able to claim back $75.75 from Medicare).
  • Your doctor will call you when they’re ready for you to come to a designated respiratory examination area which is specific to each site (see below).
  • All patients must wear a mask.
  • The GP you see will be masked, gowned and gloved. They will then conduct a physical examination.
  • After the examination the GP will discuss management options (over your mobile phone) then provide scripts or referrals if considered appropriate.
  • The GP will not be able to help with other matters such as unrelated scripts or referrals.
  • Be prepared that toilet facilities may not be available.
  • Patients will be mailed their receipt of payment for them to be able to claim the rebate amount directly from Medicare.

Respiratory examination areas at each site…

  • Proceed down the side lane immediately adjacent (southern side) to the clinic and follow the painted line on the ground
  • You will then reach the first roller door on the left which should be open
  • Then take a seat and the GP should be with you shortly


  • Proceed through the pedestrian gate just past the sliding door and follow the painted line on the ground
  • Walk down the side path to the rear car park
  • Then take a seat and the GP should be with you shortly


  • Proceed directly into the clinic and follow the line of tape on the ground
  • This leads to our respiratory examination room which is in the left hallway, first door on the right
  • Your GP will be waiting in the hallway to guide you into the examination room
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