General Practitioner in-clinic consultations and Telehealth are privately billed

Please note: Telehealth phone consultations are not applicable to New Patients. 

  • Standard weekday in-clinic consultation and Telehealth of 15 minutes

= $90.10 ($51 gap)

  • Standard in-clinic consultation and Telehealth after 6pm weekdays, or Saturdays before 1pm

= $100.10 ($61 gap)

  • Double weekday consultation of 30 minutes in-clinic only

= $136.75 ($61 gap) 

  • Double consultation after 6pm, or Saturdays before 1pm in-clinic only

= $146.75 ($71 gap)  

  • Weekend in-clinic consultation and Telehealth after 1pm

= $112.00 ($61 gap) Double appointments not available at these times

  • Aged Pension card holder weekday in-clinic consultation and Telehealth

= $70.10 ($31 gap)

  • Aged Pension card holder after 6pm weekdays, or Saturday in clinic consultation or Telehealth

= $90.10 ($41 gap)


  • During the Coronavirus pandemic the Government introduced Medicare rebates for consultations over the phone
  • All Telehealth consultations will attract a private fee
  • Scheduled Telehealth consultations are billed at the same rate as the equivalent duration ‘in-person’ consultations

Claiming your Medicare Rebate

  • Full payment is made by credit card or EFTPOS at the time of consultation (cash and AMEX not accepted)
  • After initial payment, your EFTPOS card will be swiped separately to enable the Medicare refund
  • The Medicare rebate is refunded instantly into your bank account, and there is no need to visit a Medicare office to claim the Medicare rebate

Click on the Medicare link for more information

International visitors without a Medicare card are welcome

  • Standard fees apply, rather than a ‘gap’ payment
  • Receipts are provided to patients to enable self claiming of any insurance benefit

Workcover and TAC

  • Accounts to be settled at the time of consultation
  • Patients are to then be reimbursed the paid fee by their employer or TAC

Additional Procedures

  • Fees for procedures such as suturing, are charged as per the Australian Medical Association recommendations

Phone Requests for repeat Medication Prescriptions and repeat Specialist Referrals

  • This service is only available to existing patients of the clinic, and is at the discretion of their regular doctor on a case by case basis
  • Patients must have visited the clinic within the last 12 months
  • Repeat Medication Prescriptions will only be for a maximum of 2 months duration, and will not be provided for any medications with addictive potential
  • Repeat Specialist referrals will only be for renewals of existing referrals that have expired
  • To account for the Doctor’s time and resources, repeat Prescriptions and repeat Referrals will attract a fee of $22 incl gst.
  • Payment is to be made in person when the patient collects their Prescription/Referral from the clinic
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