Mental Health Treatment Plans

Mental Health Treatment Plans

  • A Mental Health Treatment Plan is a support plan for someone experiencing mental health issues
  • At your appointment, try to talk openly about what’s been happening
  • Everything you say will be confidential – except in some special mandated circumstances such as if a doctor feels you could be at immediate harm to yourself or others
  • Feel assured that GPs see people for mental health issues all the time
  • We recommend booking a longer appointment – though sometimes it will be necessary to complete a plan at a subsequent appointment
  • If your doctor believes you qualify for additional support, they can formulate a Mental Health Treatment Plan – and this will usually include a referral to a Psychologist
  • With a plan in place, the Government pays $124.50 towards each Psychology session – for up to ten sessions in a calendar year
  • Most Psychologists charge a gap payment in addition to the funded amount – typically in the vicinity of $80

Choosing a Psychologist

  • To be eligible for Medicare funding, the Psychologist must be registered with Medicare
  • Our clinic has excellent relations with many nearby Psychologists – and will endeavor to refer you to someone that will be a ‘good fit’
  • If for any reason you don’t ‘click’ with a Psychologist please let your doctor know, as it’s possible to change Psychologist

Balanced Psychology Network

  • We have also established our own Psychology Practice – “Balanced Psychology Network
  • Your GP may be able to directly book an appointment for your at the time of your Mental Health Treatment Plan
  • Our Psychologists are highly recommended
  • Due to a shortage of Psychologists – appointment availability is very limited
  • Learn more at

Medicare Criteria

  • A Mental Health Treatment Plan will make you eligible for 6 psychology sessions
  • A Renewal of a Mental Health Treatment Plan will make you eligible for another 6 psychology sessions
  • Mental Health Treatment Plans can only be done once every 12 month interval (regardless of a new calendar year)
  • Renewals of a plan can only occur after 4 weeks has elapsed since an initial plan
  • Repeat Renewals of a plan can only occur after 3 months has elapsed since the previous Renewal of a plan
  • Psychology session funding of $124.50 per session is generated by a Mental Health Treatment Plan (or Renewal)
  • The funded sessions may be utilized by a patient within the same calendar year of the plan or renewal, as well as the subsequent calendar year
  • Medicare caps the number or psychology sessions funded within a calendar year at 10 sessions – though within Victoria since the Coronavirus pandemic, this cap has been lifted to 20 sessions

Click on the APS link for more information

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