Pre-Pregnancy and Pregnancy Care

Pre-Pregnancy Assessment

A consultation for discussion about planning to become pregnant. Incorporating your past and family history, the doctor will discuss and arrange relevant pre-pregnancy investigations, perform an examination, and advise about supplements and available pregnancy care options for future pregnancy.

Pre-Pregnancy Fertility Consultation

Similar to the Pre-Pregnancy Assessment, but with additional focus on issues of fertility. Relevant to those patients who are considering falling pregnant, or currently trying to conceive, who are concerned about their future or current fertility.

Early Pregnancy Consultation (before 20 weeks)

This may be an initial consultation at the beginning of a pregnancy, or a follow-up consultation before the gestation of 20 weeks.

An initial consultation will involve a comprehensive discussion about pregnancy, antenatal care options, your medical history, plus an examination, and referral for initial investigations.

Subsequent consultations may involve discussion of results, referral for further investigations and/or specialist management, and review of the progress of a pregnancy.

Pregnancy Shared Care Consultation (after 20 weeks)

Regular review appointment to monitor the progress of a pregnancy. These visits are part of a formal schedule of visits over the course of a pregnancy, where the care is shared between the Maternity Hospital and the GP Shared Care Provider.

6 Week Postnatal Check

Timed 6 weeks after the birth of your baby, this visit allows discussion and review of labour and delivery, and a comprehensive check on your physical and emotional progress over the first 6 weeks of new parenthood.

6 Week Newborn Check

A review of baby’s progress in the first 6 weeks, with a full physical examination, and discussion about immunisation planning. This visit can be coordinated with an appointment with the practice nurse for the first scheduled immunisations.


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