Reminder System & Results Policy

Reminder System & Results Policy

Our Doctors and Nurses may send you heath related reminders to enhance patient care

For example if you were to have a cervical screening test at the clinic, a reminder would be sent to you for a repeat cervical screening test when the next one is due (typically 5 years later)

The way we send reminders to patients is via text message to your mobile phone – using a service called ‘HotDoc’

  • The message you receive will not contain any clinical information, but rather a web link that requires you to answer a basic question regarding your identity ¬†– please don’t dismiss these messages as spam, or opt out of receiving them!
  • With the correct verification of your identity, the specifics of your health reminder will be revealed
  • You will then be given the opportunity to book an appointment with your regular doctor through your mobile phone
  • At times we may send important ‘Hotdoc’ messages requesting you to book an appointment to discuss abnormal test results – please don’t ignore such messages!

Results Policy

  • Most medical tests require patients to make another booking to discuss results with their doctor – especially important with medical imaging results, and when you are unwell
  • After having any medical test, please don’t assume that ‘no news is good news’
  • Best practice is for both doctor and patient to confirm that tests are successfully completed, and that the results are received – and to then have the opportunity to together plan optimal medical management
  • Occasionally, if a follow-up appointment for results is particularly brief and doesn’t involve other medical topics, your doctor may be able to discount the consultation fee
  • If your GP says they anticipate normal test results, and then the results indeed come back as unremarkable – they may send you a ‘Hotdoc’ text message that your results are normal (though we are not permitted to electronically send specific details of your results)
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