Travel Health

Travel Health

We can help you plan for that big trip and have most travel vaccines in stock at the clinic, including Yellow Fever vaccinations.

  • We advise on all destinations
  • Children’s travel vaccinations available
  • Malaria prevention
  • Emergency Travel Medication Kits – with detailed instructions
  • Receipts provided to self claim against health insurance with ‘extras’
  • Letters provided to document any regular medication you’re prescribed
  • Please book a longer appointment if your itinerary involves multiple countries

Click on each disease listed below for the CDC link

Vaccinations stocked at the clinic

Yellow Fever

  • Clinic accredited to administer Yellow Fever vaccinations
  • Yellow Booklet certifying vaccination provided (to be kept with your passport)
  • Click here for Australian Government information on Yellow Fever

Emergency Travel Medication Kits

  • Gastro-enteritis Treatment Kits – Azithromycin, Tinidazole, Re-hydration solution, Lomotil
  • Multi-purpose Antibiotic Kits – for general infections such as Respiratory tract Infections, Skin Infections and Urinary Tract infections

We can also advise you about other travel related health risks

Click on the Smartraveller link for the latest travel information and warnings issued by the Government

Click on the CDC link for destination specific information

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